ASIAN CHAMBER OF TEXAS previously known as GDAACC is one of the oldest Asian chambers in the country (30+ years). The North Texas region offers a wide range of advantages, including its diverse culture and access to Texas’s most influential people, groups, and companies. Our core values are tied to economic growth and development for Asian American businesses. We serve our corporate partners as a connection to the Asian community. Elected officials and other government entities often look to us for guidance as we represent the voice of the Asian community in North Texas.


To be the premier Asian American Chamber of Commerce in the United States


To advocate for its members and the Asian American business community while assisting the economic development in North Texas


Excellence in business and leadership, cultural diversity, accountability, and collaboration

What we can offer you?


We are dedicated to providing our members with the tools and opportunities needed for the growth and development of their businesses.  Our 3 strategic focus areas are to:


CONNECT – introduce individuals and businesses to each other for increased opportunities, locally and globally.


EDUCATE – expand our business knowledge, specifically in the realm of high innovation.


EMPOWER – empower and inspire our members and community to be more involved in business development and civic engagement.


Our Members


Our members range from near to far and consist of individuals and companies from all over the Greater Dallas and North Texas area.  Our members are not limited to the Asian population, but also include any entrepreneurs interested in doing business with Dallas’ Asian-American community.  By joining ACT you are connecting yourself with a large body of intelligent, able, and dedicated members who are interested in doing business with people just like you.